1. Rihanna – Soft And Dreamy Sweet


She is well known for her stunning look, but what makes Rihanna really irresistible are her eyes. The green-eyed singer has the typical expression of a lioness that is going to seduce you with her soft but still dangerously sexy gaze.

2. Cameron Diaz – Sky Blue

cameron diaz

The actress praised for her amazing figure has something else that really fascinates. This is her eyes. They are sky blue colored and this is the reason no one can’t resist or her charm. The actress never uses eye lenses, simply because of this dream color of her eyes.

3. Jessica Alba – Cute And Chocolate Like

jessica alba

Jessica has made a career with her cute look, but what really amazes about her are her eyes. The chocolate color of them is so unusual and so warm that she can melt anyone just with one look. Her eyes are not the common brown-colored eyes, they are dark and smooth, just as a chocolate.

4. Adriana Lima – Stunning Cat Eyes

adriana lima

She can seduce with her multi- million dollar figure and this is a proven fact, but one of the most successful models on the lingerie fashion scene in the recent years can also do it just with a look of her heart melting eyes. Adriana has cat eyes, which is a reason why so many models envy her. They are natural; despite the rumors she is using lenses.

5. Aishwarya – The Exotic Fascination

aishwarya rai

Aishwarya got something, which is extremely rare in Hollywood- dark skin and exotic eyes. The mischievous look of the Indian born model and actress is already praised and desirable by many. Her mysterious eyes are one of the reasons we love Aishwarya.

6. Fergie – The Sexy Serene


She has always been a different type singer. Sexy isn’t just the right word to describe Fergie. She just got the look to envy and one of the things about her is her stunning blue eyes. The shape of her eyes is also unusual; therefore she is one of the stars with irresistible eyes.

7. Charlize Theron – The Heart Stopping Gaze

charlize theron

She has always been a woman that fascinates millions of people with her performance and mostly her look. Charlize looks almost fragile and tender, but her lovely eyes speak of something else: she is a strong woman. Her crystal blue eyes prove it and many that ever saw the actress in reality claim she can conquer with just with one glance of her eyes.


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