A beautiful and well dressed person is always a sight to behold and if they are two of them together, very much in love, it takes their beauty to another level. Here are a few of the most stylish of Hollywood couples, a heady mix of fame, beauty and style.

1. Penelope Cruz And Javier Bardem

She is a doll with beautiful hair and he is a true gentleman with an obvious sense of style. She is a fashion icon because of the trendy look and fabulous hair, he is surely keeping up with her as fashion goes.

penelope cruz & javier bardem

2. The Beckhams

These two can equally be called fashionistas. David might be a guy but he put the “metro” in the “metro-sexual”. Fashion icons and spectacular trendsetters, Victoria is surely a queen of urban style and David a lord of stylish men’s world.

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3. Eva Longoria Parker And Tony Parker

She is a cutie with impeccable outfits and amazing style, he a doll of a guy very handsome and trendy.

eva longoria parker & tony parker

Since they have been together, Eva styled him even more and you can say they are completely amazing looking together.

4. Diane Kruger And Joshua Jackson

Young and beautiful, quite progressive in thinking but also very elegant these two simply compliment each other.

diane kruger & joshua jackson

5. Paris Hilton And Cy Waits

The world of socialites is the right place for these two for both spend huge amounts on clothes and brands love to have them as clients.

paris hilton & cy waits

6. Brangelina

The most beautiful couple of Hollywood (yes they still are) the iconic Brad and Angelina are surely very elegant and extremely stylish even in the most casual occasions.


7. J-Lo And Mark Anthony

J-lo is known for her affinity for fashion and Mark has always been an elegant chap. No wonder they are fashion icons too.

j-lo & mark anthony


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