They are successful singers, models and artists. The common thing between them isn’t only the fact they both sing great and make hit after hit.

There is one thing that makes these two very close to each other and it is one man – Jay-Z. The rapper is actually a smart businessman, who can discover the talent in all its forms and shapes.

He is actually the figure that has made famous Beyonce and Rihanna. One can say this isn’t exactly the truth, because Beyonce was already famous, before she has had met Jay-Z, but if you look at her career you can see clearly the traces that her husband left.


The real success for Destiny’s Child singer came after she started a single solo career and this wasn’t without Jay-Z help.

Rihanna on the other hand was also a famous Barbadian R&B singer that came to U.S. to pursue her dream and started a solo career. Meanwhile in 2005, when Rihanna started her career in U.S., Beyonce was already super famous thanks to her duet songs with Jay-Z.

The singer is also the first African-American woman that has won the ASCAP’s Songwriter of the Year award. Her album “Dangerously in Love”, produced with the help of Jay-Z has turned to a platinum one, especially after Beyonce has won 5 Grammy awards for it.


Meanwhile Jay-Z has noticed the talent of Rihanna and helped her to release her first hit single “Umbrella”.

The song is so popular that Rihanna is praised as one of the best R&B singers ever.

Meanwhile Beyonce has played some roles in several movies and they happened to be successful.

Rihanna on the other hand has had achieved a major success. Her debut album “Music of the Sun” was more than successful and it peaked into top ten of the Billboard 200.

In 2006, her second solo album “A Girl like me”, also produced with the help of Jay-Z’s label has made an enormous furor. The real success for the Barbadian singer came in 2007. That year the singer has won two MTV Video Music Awards – Video of the Year and Monster Single of the Year (for the hit single Umbrella).

In 2008, the singer took her first Grammy award. Of course, compared to Beyonce’s Grammy awards this isn’t that notable, but what matters is that Rihanna is far younger than Beyonce and she hasn’t showed her best yet.

Surely that will happen, especially if a man like Jay-Z is producing her projects.


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