1. Johnny Depp – Wild Cat Turned Family Man

The hottest man on the planet surely enjoyed his single years. Johnny have had relationships with the most beautiful women in Hollywood, but ever since he met Vanessa he is a tamed family man.

johnny depp

2. Vince Vaughn – The Bad Boy Tamed By Many Factors

Vince enjoyed the glamorous parties, where the cocktails and the girls were his best friends. The comedy actor is now entirely devoted to his family.

vince vaughn

3. Charlie Sheen – From Prostitutes To Family Life

Charlie is a very bad boy. His relationships have always been a disaster. Prostitutes, one night stands, alcohol and the rest of… were just part of his life. Nowadays, he is tamed and spends all the time with his children and wife.

charlie sheen

4. Russell Brand – Ladies Man And Crazy Party Boy Saying He Is Changed

He must be changed, otherwise he wouldn’t be only with Katie Perry. Russell really liked to change his partners, but ever since he met the British singer, that is all past now.

russell brand

5. Christian Slater – Sex, Drugs And Speeding Cars Now All Gone

Christian likes it all and he did live like a bad boy for years. Ever since he met his wife, he is really changed for good.

christian slater

6. Robbie Williams – All That Crazy Acting Out Now History Of A Married Man

He is newly married and now all the crazy things are in the past. Robbie was a bachelor, who did like the party life of the single people, but all is gone.

robbie williams


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