Ok, so you can’t get enough of your favorite star and wish they could be with you forever; well here is the answer to your prayers: “Celebrity Dolls”.

But how many of these dolls really look like the celebrity there supposed to be representing? Here are a few which really don’t look like their real life selves.

1. Paris Hilton – Worse Than The Original

Not so great impersonation is the Paris Hilton doll. The doll actually looks ugly and nowhere close to the pretty heiress who is supposed to have inspired it.

paris hilton

2. Lindsay Lohan – Not Similar But Socialite

The Lindsay Lohan celebrity doll does not look very similar to her but more like a socialite out for an evening. Wonder how her fans feel about it? You don’t want to know.

lindsay lohan

3. Katy Perry – Sexy Naughty Girl

The Katy Perry celebrity doll is definitely sluttier than the original. What did they think about when they created her? Not little girls, that’s for sure.

katy perry

4. Britney Spears – Far From The Cute We Loved

Another celebrity doll which looks like a far cry is the Britney Spears doll. The doll reminds you more of the Britney Spears who sang “hit me baby one more time”. The cuteness is ancient history.

britney spears

5. Miley Cyrus Doll – So Over Hannah Montana!

Miley Sure stepped out from the Disney character that made her famous. So the new doll says: “bye, bye Hannah Montana , hello sexy!”

miley cyrus

6. Edward And Bella Celebrity Dolls

Did they really need to make a doll for them? If the franchise was not enough, they had to create similar dolls for the trendiest heroes of today. Quite a stretch this one, don’t you think?

edward & bella celebrity dolls


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