1. Steven Seagal And Master Rat From Ninja Turtles

The master Rat from the Ninja Turtles is a really deep into the martial art, so is Steven Seagal. They both have lots of things in common, therefore Steven is called Master Rat’s twin.

steven seagal & master rat from ninja turtles

2. Selena Gomez And Snow White

Selena is far luckier than Snow White, but they both have one thing in common- millions of Disney’s fans.

selena gomez & snow white

3. Robert Pattinson And Cinderella Prince

Any Cinderella in real life should be calm – there is Robert Pattinson, in case their cartoon prince is busy. Those two are real twins; moreover they are both in the dreams of any teenage girl.

robert pattinson & cinderella prince

4. Pink And Snorks

Pink has an extravagant hairstyle, Snorks has an extravagant behavior. Maybe that’s why Pink and Snorks look like each other.

pink & snorks

5. Taylor Lautner – Eric

Little Mermaid’s prince Eric is the dream of any little girl, but ever since the Twilight has been released Eric is now known as Taylor Lautner. They look similar and mostly – they are both ready to do anything for their lovely princess.

6. Jonas Brothers And Alvin & The Chipmunks

Alvin& the chipmunks have their real equivalent in Jonas Brother’s presence. Always smiling and in a good mood, the Jonas brothers are surely as if they came from a cartoon movie.

jonas brothers and alvin & the chipmunks

7. Justin Bieber – Pinocchio

He surely is as cute as the famous Pinocchio and no matter what one can think about; these two really look a lot like each other.


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