1. Victoria Beckham – The Best Of The Posh

She is seriously obsessed with fashion and this isn’t such a surprise, but £80,000 on a diamond-studded Birkin bag sounds just crazy.

victoria beckham

Victoria also loves tree houses, so much that she has spent £40,000 on a tree house.

2. The Cruise Family – Nothing But The Best

Tom is surely a man, who can afford anything he wants. He spent nearly $5,000 on Suri’s 2nd birthday cake, not to mention the expensive gifts Cruise family is willing to present to their friends.

cruise family

3. Beyonce – The Ebony Queen On A Velvet Cushion

She is the woman often called money machine, for being a really good earner, but when she needs to spend money, she spends a lot. Just for a one night performance, the star has paid $100,000, all this just for an outfit!


4. Britney Spears – I Still Want To Be A Princess

Britney is never satisfied with her look, therefore she is willing to pay £11,000 per month just to keep her stunning figure.

britney spears

5. Bruce Willis – The Man Knows His Taste

He is well known for his lavish life style. Willis has a personal jet and owns a ski lodge. He is willing to pay millions just to satisfy his classy taste.

bruce willis

6. Naomi – Cash Flow For The Best Parties

Naomi loves to spend money, especially when it comes to really lavish parties. For her 36th birthday, Naomi spent £1.8million. The party was held at Burj Al Arab in Dubai.



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