1. Sydney Bristow

The sexiest spy on the television is Sydney Bristow, played by Jennifer Garner in the hit show Alias. Sydney surely knows how to save the world and she does it in a sexiest way ever.

sydney bristow

2. Michael Western

Burn Notice has turned to one of the most successful spy TV shows. Michael Western is the main character and it is played by Jeffrey Donovan. So far this is the coolest role of Donovan.

michael western

3. John And Jane Smith

Mr. and Mrs. Smith is actually the movie that made Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie closer to each other and they became the most famous couple in Hollywood. Their performance as professional spies is already praised as an absolute classic.

john & jane smith

4. Jason Bourne

Bourne series is perhaps one of the most successful in the movie history. The hero was played by Matt Damon, who surely knows how to provide lot of action, drama and thrilling moments.

jason bourne

5. Ethan Hunt

The movie Mission: Impossible is already a legendary movie thanks to the memorable acting of Tom Cruise, who portrayed the Ethan Hunt character.

ethan hunt

Tom has made a great role as a spy and set an amazing example in this branch. His role is praised as the best, when it comes to spy movies.


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