Hollywood with all its glamour and provocations offers along with an out of the movies lifestyle and challenges very low chances for a romance or marriage to survive.

Be it the curse of celebrity, the media pressure or simply the celebrity life that can come crushing any relationship, staying together for years can become a true challenge for celebrity couples.

Here are the 4 enduring pairs that somehow were able to go strong and stay linked to one another over many years.

1. Kurt Russell And Goldie Hawn

They never actually married but they have been a couple for longer than 25 years which is something very rare in the golden world they live in. They starred together in life and on screen and they seem to have survived many challenges as a couple.

kurt russell & goldie hawn

He is a tough guy with a warm heart, she is a sparkling personality still lovely in spite of the years. Why are they not decided to say “I do” after so many years? Do they really need it?

2. Will And Jada Pinkett Smith

They are a true example that you can fall in love young and stay that way after children come. They are both career people, both talented and extremely rich.

will & jada pinkett smith

Still they somehow managed to make a life together, raise children and remain in love in spite of all that Hollywood dumped on their relationship. Good for them.

3. Annette Bening And Warren Beatty

She was and still is a dear of the golden screen. He is known for his playboy adventures as one of the bachelors impossible to hitch.

annette bening & warren beatty

Still they are married 17 years and are teaching lessons about how a relationship should go on. How did she tame one of the Hollywood’s worst womanizers? That is a secret she’ll never tell.

4. Ozzy And Sharon Osbourne

Extremely picturesque relationship that is going on for more than 20 years, this marriage is surely a proof that if two people are getting along and hold on to each other, their life together can survive any media pressure.

ozzy & sharon osbourne

He is a notorious bad-boy from the golden age of heavy metal famous because of his extremes in music and famous bad choices in lifestyle. She is his number one fan, volcanic, smart and a true survivor, sharing his passion for music.

They managed to build a family and make it work in spite of everything. The main point is, even extreme choices can make a relationship work.


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