1. Ivanka Trump – The Rich And The Judaism

The heiress of an empire, the daughter of Donald Trump is committed to Judaism. Actually most of the richest people on the planet have the same religion.

ivanka trump2. Anne Rice – Now Catholic, Then Pagan…Born Catholic

Anne Rice was born catholic, but she has had a different point of view. The author changed her religious beliefs and became a pagan. Lately she converted back following a difficult medical situation.

anne rice

3. M J – From Jehovah To Allah…Long Way

The King of Pop was seeking his religion and didn’t find peace until he became a Muslim. Michael was also part of the Jehovah’s Witness religion, but he got committed to Allah in the last year of his life.

michael jackson

4. Madonna – Italian Style Catholicism Dead By The Hand Of Kabala

She was born a Catholic, but the Queen of Pop found peace in the religion of Kabala. Ever since she joined Kabala, this religion turns to be a modern religion with many followers.


5. Tom Cruise – Scientology Is Quite A Catchy Trend

Tom Cruise is perhaps one of the most popular scientologists we know. His beliefs are strong and he is one of the strictest members of the Scientology church. One of the reasons why scientology became so popular is that Tom declared he is into it.

tom cruise


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