1. Penelope And Salma – Latina Spirit Makes True Friends

They both are called Latina sex symbols and are perhaps the most famous Spanish speaking stars in Hollywood. Despite they are in an eternal completion, these two beauties are truly friendly to each other. Salma and Penelope have made many movies together and ever since, they are close friends even in real life

penelope & salma

2. Jennifer And Courtney – Forever BFF

They were best friends in the legendary TV show “Friends” and it seems this is so even in the real life. Nowadays Courtney and Jennifer are so close that don’t miss a chance to spend a vacation together or simply to be together, despite their intense work-schedule

jennifer & courtney

3. Paris And Nicole – On And Off Like Dating

Those two surely have many things in common, but the main reason they are close friends is their mutual love to the red carpet events. Therefore, Paris and Nicole are kind of in a competition who will steal the show at the never-ending parties. Sometimes they even fight over it, but it seems they are still friends.

paris & nicole

4. Naomi And Nicole – The Blonde And Smart Do Get Along With One Another

Naomi and Nicole are often called the most intelligent actresses in Hollywood and this isn’t a lie. They are both Australians and this is another reason for their friendship. Naomi is said to be so close to Nicole, that she even took some motherhood advices from the Oscar winner actress.

naomi & nicole

5. Victoria And Katie – Nobody Is More “Posh” Than Us

They say that Posh Spice and Katie have one thing in common – famous husbands, but we truly believe this isn’t the only reason for their friendship. Another thing they surely share is their fashion sense. They are both one of the most modern and fashionable stars.

victoria & katie

6. Cameron And Drew – A History Of True Gal Time

Cameron and Drew are girls that love to have fun and this is obvious. These two stars became closer after they were working on “Charlie’s Angels” and ever since they enjoy their friendship.

cameron & drew

7. Madonna And Gwyneth – The English Air Is Contagious

The Queen of the Pop and Gwyneth share many things in common – English husbands, strict diet regime, same religion and unbearable workouts. Therefore, they are the closest friends in Hollywood.

madonna & gwyneth

8. George And Brad – Both Cool Both Heartbreakers

Two of the most beautiful men on this planet have many things in common and this is obvious. They often work in same movie productions and whenever they are together, it is more than fun.

george & brad

9. Will Smith And Tom Cruise – Acing The World In Their Image

At first look Will and Tom differ a lot, but it is just an impression. Actually Tom was the one who taught Will his religious beliefs and Will seems to accept them. Their life style is also similar; therefore these two are so close friends.

will smith & tom cruise


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