They are both young, wanna be fabulous, always or more recently blonde, and recently…incarcerated.

They are both trying very hard to get the attention of press and feed their …not clear why…celebrity with the appearance on the tabloids’ first page.

Everybody thinks they are trying too hard and no matter how much damage they do to their public image, amazingly they still have fans.

Posh but oh, so fake.

Paris Hilton is known to be a very poor actress. She tried modeling, singing, setting trends and mostly the stuff she is famous for is being a very spoiled rich brat.

paris hilton

She might be good looking but certainly if she would not be who she is and just an ordinary person you would not give her the time of the day.

Well…apparently Miss Paris got herself in a drug kind of problem, with beating eyelashes and saying “that’s hot” could not get her out of.

Considering that the last two stunts she pulled were directly linked to another jail time and a sex tape, we can say this girl has a taste for being famous because of being naughty.

Can you remember when you last noticed her on a celebrity page before this? Think hard and you will see her glamour was getting a bit pale in the last months.

One may think she was asking for this …

Unstable and complicated wreck

Lindsay Lohan was quite a brilliant kid actress. If we remember her playing cute little twins or smart little teenager doing well in a bad girls’ world we can only love her.

How did celebrity spoil this cute creature? The answer is quite simple.

lindsay lohan

A few years ago she was a fashion icon, the woman fashion magazines defined as the first to get her hands on a cool trendy outfit. Also a few years ago she launched her clothing line, took care of business, made a lot of money and still played in a movie or two.

When did the star die and the wreck was born nobody can say for sure, neither can they say what was the trigger. Regardless what it was, what happens to her is just sad.

She became on and off lesbian – which would be cool if she would be happy in the relationship and not on a full time fighting and scandal world. She also became a party girl, a drug addict and a violent person.

Of course she did some jail time…and honestly the world was not surprised but do we dare to hope she will change? Not likely.


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