1. Naomi Watts And Yorki Bob

naomi watts

Naomi surely loves pets and she knows how to choose the right name of the right pet. Her dog’s name is more than interesting and it is related to Yorki Bob himself. The actress doesn’t miss any chance to enjoy a walk with her baby and her puppy.

2. Jennifer Garner And Martha Stewart

jennifer garner

Jennifer loves Martha Stewart and this isn’t the original Martha. It is just her puppy. The dog is now as famous as the actress herself. As for the dog’s name, it is related to the real Martha Stewart that is a close friend of the actress.

3. Gisele Bundchen And Vida

gisele bundchen

Vida is small and goes anywhere with its owner. This dog is surely lucky, because its owner is the best well paid model on the Earth – Gisele Bundchen.

4. Liv Tyler And Milo

liv tyler

Milo is the favorite dog of the actress Liv Tyler. She goes with him anywhere and the dog is already part of her image. She loves pets, Milo loves her. In this picture, the actress simply takes a walk with the most precious things in her life – her child and Milo.

5. Joss Stone And Dusty Springfield

joss stone

Dusty Springfield is perhaps one of the most iconic singers, but not in Joss Stone’s house. Joss loves Dusty and the way she sings so therefore, her pet is called Dusty Springfield. Actually Dusty –the dog is already part of Joss Stone’s image.

6. Martha Stewart And Genghis Khan

martha stewart

There is a relation between Martha Stewart and Genghis Khan. It is probably the fact they both have an empire, but in this case Genghis is just a puppy in Martha Stewart’s house.

7. Catherine Zeta Jones And Figaro

catherine zeta jones

Catherine loves classy items; maybe that’s why her dog has a classy name-Figaro. Catherine is a famous dog lover and she always go for a walk, accompanied by her pet. Moreover, we never saw her husband to take a walk with their pet: another proof that Catherine wants to be the one to take care of Figaro.

8. Jake Gyllenhaal And Atticus Finch

jake gyllenhaal

The Prince of Persia surely considers the dog as his best friend. Therefore, even when Jake is having a lunch, his Atticus Finch is near him. The dog is already famous, because Jake Gyllenhaal doesn’t even want to go out without his favorite puppy.



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