1. Jennifer Aniston

Jennifer Aniston surely was a happy bride, when she married Brad Pit in 2000. Their wedding was a major Hollywood event as the bride was called one of the most stunning celebrity brides we have ever seen.

jennifer aniston

2. Jennifer Lopez

When Jennifer Lopez got married to Chris Judd, there was no doubt that she was a woman in love. It was obvious that their happiness will last forever or at least for few more years.

jennifer lopez

3. Fergie

The singer Fergie got married and we were all sure, there is no happier bride than her. Her wedding dress and behavior are an example of how a woman should look and feel on the biggest day of her life.


4. Katherine McPhee

Katherine McPhee got married to Nick Cokas in February 2008 and she wasn’t just a celebrity bride, she was a gorgeous bride in love and that wasn’t difficult to guess.

katherine mcphee

5. Princess Diana

Princess Diana’s wedding remains in the history as the most viewed wedding of all the times. Millions of people were watching the event, when the happy princess said “I do” to Prince Charles.

princess diana

6. Jenna Dewan

Jenna was magnificent bride and she was so gorgeous that anyone in Hollywood dreamed to feel such a happiness as Jenna did. The celebrity got married to Channing Tatum in July 2009.

jenna dewan

7. Grace Kelly

Grace Kelly’s wedding wasn’t just a royal wedding. It was a happy, very happy wedding, when a Hollywood star in love takes a man, who will give her anything, including a throne.

grace kelly

Grace Kelly was also one of the most beautiful celebrity brides that the world will ever know.

8. Avril Lavigne

The young rebel’s singer looked more than happy when she married Deryck Whibley in 2006. Despite their divorce, she was such a beautiful bride that there are still people that dream to have such a wedding.

avril lavigne

9. Rebecca Romijn

When Rebecca wed actor Jerry O’Connell, she did it in a Ralph Lauren’s gown and she was one of the most amazing Hollywood brides of all the time.

rebecca romijnThe reason wasn’t in the gown or the ceremony; it was in her and her happiness with the man she still loves.

10. Salma Hayek

Salma and François-Henri Pinault weren’t an example of a couple, since they had lots of breakups and no one really believed these two will ever get married.

salma hayek

This happened in 2009 after several years together. Salma was incredibly stunning in her wedding gown that cost a fortune, while her husband was obviously a man in love.


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