1. Lindsay Lohan

Nobody can challenge the dominance of Lindsay Lohan in this list. She already has two arrests for driving drunk, as there were even allegations of cocaine usage.

Lindsay visited three times a clinic for people dependent on alcohol and drugs. However, she admitted she is lesbian and has stormy relations with her ex girlfriend Samantha.

lindsay lohan

Lindsay also has a problem with her father as she refuses even to speak to him, simply because he insists his daughter needs a medical help.

2. Michelle Rodriguez

Michelle is a real bad girl and she never claimed anything else. She likes to annoy people and she doesn’t think much about it. Her neighbors are often the victims of those pleasures as she throws big parties in her apartment and intentionally sets the volume on max.

michelle rodriguez

The actress even spent some time in jail for driving offences. Michelle is also very open, when it comes to men. She has nothing against one-night stands and admits she would definitely sleep with Colin Farrell, if she is lucky enough.

3. Tara Reid

Tara Reid surely has an interesting history. First she made it to the top of the Hollywood stars as she appeared in the movie hit “American Pie” and that was her biggest role. Ever since, she is a really bad girl.

tara reid

At first, she likes to get drunk. Her paparazzi pictures from her wildest parties can make even the sailors blush. Five years ago, the actress put silicon in her breast and experienced liposuction.

The result was horrific, but she did not hesitate to show her scars. As for now, Tara is said to be tamed by her husband, to whom she is devoted the last few years.

4. Heather Graham

Heather Graham surely looks very innocent, but we know she is a really bad, bad girl. Heather is already in her 40s, but she doesn’t want to get married and obviously, she is still not in a hurry to be a good girl.

heather graham

The actress that always played interesting roles has showed her real nature in Lenny Kravitz’s video “American woman”. There Heather played a girl that wants to have fun and live her life in her own style.

In real life, she does the same, especially when it comes to men. Heather’s list includes Russell Crowe, Heath Ledger and James Woods.

5. Nicole Richie

Nicole Richie is also another Hollywood bad girl as she certainly doesn’t care what people would say. She was once the closest friend to Paris Hilton and they both were unstoppable, especially at the red carpets and at any other lavish party.

nicole richie

Their relation changed, but Nicole didn’t stop to be just a party girl. Back in 2006, Nicole got arrested on charges of driving under alcohol influence. This didn’t surprise anyone, because Nicole was famous for leading a scandalous life-style.


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