Many of the beauties that we see on the big screen all the time now actually got their start on television. Whether or not we caught them on TV then, you might be able to find reruns of the shows they were on now.

Sarah Michelle Gellar is one of these. She starred on Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Seriously, who can forget the girl that killed vampires for a living?

sarah michelle gellar

Ali Larter is currently playing a character with two personalities on Heroes. Both Jessica and Niki make us love her even more every time we see them. It definitely does not hurt that she is gorgeous.

ali larter

Jennifer Garner got her start on Alias. She went on to be the title character in the movie Elektra and also starred in quite a few romantic comedies.

jennifer garner

Jennifer Love Hewitt has got that classic girl next door look. She is beautiful and down to earth. You can see her on reruns of Party of Five and also on the Ghost Whisperer.

jennifer love hewitt

Having just mentioned a few of these gorgeous women, you can well imagine how many more silver screen stars got their start on the small screen. How many can you think of just off the top of your head?


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