There are two things that actually sell – sex and vampires. The first one sells since ages, while the supernatural creature topic has been super modern lately.

Therefore, the TV producers have a new job – to present us with the perfect TV show that includes vampires, mystery and of course love with a supernatural creature. After absolute hits like True Blood, Vampire Diaries and of course the Twilight Saga, there is a new pretender to grab the attention – the new ABC show The Gates.

the gates

The Gates has an interesting plot. This time the vampire isn’t a man. It’s the housewife Claire Radcliffe. Claire lives in a perfect small community, where everything looks too good to be true. She has a teen daughter and a perfect life, as much as this is possible for a vampire. The vampire will have to protect her daughter and of course, she will share the love, torment and adventure of other supernatural creatures.

The Gates’ motto is “More than a place to live” and apparently this is true. The show will grab us with more drama and action about the life of the supernatural creatures. As for now, any TV show that includes vampires or werewolves is successful, so we have no doubt that The Gates will make it to many seasons to come.


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