Extremely eccentric characters with a larger than life personality, some stars are completely amazing when it comes to relationship. For us mere mortals getting along and “playing house” with a life partner is conditioned by similarities in taste, likes and dislikes.

tim burton & helena bonham carter 1

Surprising and unexpected Tim Burton and Helena Bonham Carter are making work one of the strangest celebrity relationships. He is a strange man creating strange movies and cartoons. She is a brilliant actress used to play grotesque character and female villains.

tim burton & helena bonham carter 2

They live in the same house but in different apartments, and when they go out in public it is said that they look mad about each other. Is that child of theirs the fruit of a love ready to never get bored?

tim burton & helena bonham carter 3

These two are young and wild but also pretty brilliant and extraordinary as public appearances are concerned.

Katy is extremely beautiful and talented, fond of wild dress-ups and spectacular appearances while Russell is a former drug and sex addict very present in the eyes of the media with his crazy conduct rather than acting career. How do they make it?

tim burton & helena bonham carter 4

Apparently, because she is a strong patient woman able to tame the beast and craziness in Russell. Is this gonna last? Who knows?


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