At first look, these three people don’t have anything in common. Maybe only one thing – the fact, they are famous, but if you look in depth you will find many similar things between these different Hollywood stars.

britney spearsThe funny thing is that sometimes they look insane and many people think they are actually insane.

Lindsay Lohan, Britney Spears and Mel Gibson aren’t the latest public personalities you would want to admire. They simply screw it and that’s a fact.

First was Britney Spears. She had years devoted to depression, change of mood, violence and moreover – she is now entirely dependent on her father, even if she wants to spend a dollar for an ice-cream.

She isn’t the bright example someone can follow, but at least for her there is still hope. Recently the star is trying to fight her problems and the good news is, she did and she is going back to her VIP status.
As for Lindsay Lohan, no one really can say what will happen. The actress from “Mean Girls” was once labeled as a fashion icon and had all the chances to become an international star.

lindsayInstead of this, she has made herself a world famous young lady, but for a really bad reputation.

Lindsay has problems with the alcohol, with violence against paparazzi, her family and mostly – a real problem with her health, simply because she is a drug addict.

The star was involved in thousands of scandals in the last few years and all of them said the worst about her. The result finally comes – Lindsay is now sentenced to 90 days in jail, because she violated the terms of her probation in her 2007 DUI and drug case.

The actress was caught crying at the trial, but after series of scandals, the only thing she got was irony. A deserved irony, especially after her public breakdowns, which are obvious and they can easily be compared with Britney’s idiotic look from the years she was in depression.

Meanwhile, a Hollywood giant lost his marbles. No one really expected Mel to get divorced, especially after his marriage was labeled as the most solid marriage in Hollywood, but what really shocked the world recently is the failure of his second marriage.

mel gibson

Just a year ago, the actor got married to his Russian girlfriend Oksana Grigorieva and they got a baby daughter. They are now divorcing, but the shocking thing was Mel’s racial outburst directed to Oksana.

Mel’s language surely can make the sailors blush, but the bad news is – it has been caught on tape and now anyone knows how a father of seven children is treating his wife. Nowadays no one really likes Mel. He went in the group of Britney and Lindsay. So far, this group isn’t the one we are up to follow.


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