After 25 years on air in the leading TV CNN, Larry King decides to retire. In his career, Larry has made over 40,000 interviews with the most popular personalities in the world.

His retirement is surely the end of an era. Larry King confessed he talked with the CNN team and he clearly wishes to stop his career in the autumn. CNN agreed and now Larry is said to use his free time only for his family.

The Larry King Show is placed in the Guinness Book of Records for the longest broadcast talk show.

During these 25 years on the air, Larry appeared every night with his braces, which became his trademark. He is also one of the most influential people on the planet and there is no list or award that Larry didn’t saw associates with his name.

The good news is that we will continue to see the media titan, because he is said to do the special editions of the show. As for now, there is no clear information who will sit in his chair, but whoever it is; we doubt it will be as good as Larry was.

Larry himself doesn’t say much about it, but it is clear that a legend will be gone.


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