Jennifer Garner has always been a different Hollywood star. She is surely far from the career obsessed diva and still, she manages to keep a perfect balance in her life.

The star is devoted to her husband Ben Affleck and their children. There aren’t many Hollywood actresses that are ready to throw their careers for the sake of the family, but Jen is surely one of them.

jennifer garner

Another proof of Jen’s good heart was given few days back, when she pulled over to help a driver out of gas.

The actress simply stopped the car and went to help. Wearing an occasional outfit, Jen acted super natural and helped the driver. Despite this is just an act of mercy, there aren’t many Hollywood actresses, who will stop to help in such situation.

Jen did it and this provoked us to think that maybe in Hollywood there are some really natural people, who are living normal and simple lives we can consider a role model worthy to follow. Rare thing…isn’t it?


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