The connection between good girls and bad boys has always been an issue and it will always be so. Hollywood doesn’t make any exception. Here are some of the worst relationships that happened between good Hollywood girls and their bad boyfriends.

First in the list comes Sandra Bullock. Her cheating husband did something unforgivable, not because he just cheated. He did it to Sandra Bullock – the bespoke sweetheart of America.

bad boys & good girls 1

His betrayal is considered as a betrayal to the whole nation, therefore his mistake was simply not one we can excuse. Of course Sandra just like the heroines from her movies, left Jesse James, took her Oscar and her adopted baby and hopefully started new life.

Meanwhile there is another couple that provoked many questions – Jude Law and Sienna Miller.

bad boys & good girls 2

The couple faced many problems years ago, when Jude was caught cheating on Sienna with the nanny of his children. That time Sienna and Jude were engaged and the actress couldn’t bear the shame of the public betrayal, so she broke up with the British actor.

After that Sienna had many affairs, but obviously the one that has had hurt her most is her favorite man, so she turned back to Jude. Right now they look very happy, but we already know what can happen next, if Jude decides he needs something else.

The actor has his own theory why women go for bad boys. According to Jude, being good boy never work for making a good relationship. One has to be a little bit bad so to win the woman’s heart. He surely knows the right way to Sienna’s heart, but she has learn the lesson that with some men one can’t never be sure.

bad boys & good girls 3

The same lesson unfortunately was given to Anne Hathaway. The actress known for being a really good girl has had bitter experiences, when it comes to relationships.

Therefore, Anne is now careful. Her ex fiancé Rafaello Follieri was sentenced to jail after some frauds. Anne spent 4 years with Rafaello and after he went in jail, she got herself a rest from relationships.

Recently she was dating the actor Adam Schulman. Unfortunately, he also got accused of committing fraud, but the good news is that all went well for him.

Anne is still dating him, but this time she knows how to deal with any bad surprises.
These relationships are a proof the chemistry between good girls and bad boys is a fact. It cannot be escaped even in Hollywood, where the romances are supposed to be more practical.


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