amyEver since she is popular, Amy has been called many names, half of them not very pleasant. For a couple of years the artist that made the whole world singing “No, no, No” faced many issues with her health, emotions and mental condition.

Many of her fans are asking is she brilliant or she is just a drug addict one-day star that will surely be forgotten.

No one knows the exact answer, but the 26-year old Amy will overcome all and will move on, just in a moment we all were thinking she is a mess.

Perhaps being too talented as she is often called isn’t easy and therefore Amy went to anorexia, drugs and alcohol. Her last tour was a real disaster as she went drunk and fell off the stage. Yet, Amy kept some hope and just like in a Hollywood movie the singer is now back.

After her divorce and the problems with the drugs, she went to a rehab, just like in her songs and months after, the miracle has happened. Amy Winehouse is ready to surprise us or at least that’s what her new life style speaks about.
Her behavior is now totally different and she doesn’t fall on the streets anymore. In fact, she looks happy and healthy.

Her skin is clear, exactly like her eyes. Amy is smiling, but in case you think there is no man in the whole picture, you are quite wrong. Amy is a woman in love and this time her affair seems healthy, because this is the right reason why Amy is back to normal life.

Amy has a new boyfriend and thanks to him her life is set on new beginning. The director Reg Traviss is the reason why the singer is smiling again. Just for several weeks together, he is already approved by her family.

Amy’s father Mitch is said to be very happy that his daughter is finally dating a normal person. In an interview, the father of the singer said he is delighted to see Amy finding the right track. Meanwhile the singer and her new love were seen together at the Tony Bennett’s concert in the Royal Albert Hall in London.

Amy and the legendary singer Bennett posed together for a picture as Amy was barely recognizable. She was wearing stylish black dress and made a wonderful impression hand in hand with her new boyfriend that changed her life.


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