It is only natural that the celebrity divas would get their name on labels whether those labels are fashion, beauty or luxury brands.

Being a name in Hollywood or music, equals the ability to add glamor and fame to a product. So it is no wonder that celebrity names become associated with exclusivist items that are becoming famous and generate a cash stream for the ones that put their names on them.

A large number of female celebrities found proper to associate with the perfume industry and contributed to the creation of special brands of perfume. Marketing the perfumes using their own names becomes very natural for the celebrity divas especially because their names get even more famous due to those perfumes.

1. White Diamonds – Elizabeth Taylor

white diamonds

The diva with purple eyes is known for her passion for diamonds. The “White Diamonds” fragrance bears the scent of exotic flowers like lilies, tuberose and patchouli with a hint of amber, savant engineered to fit the profile of a tumultuous personality and spectacular presence.

2. Lovely – Sarah Jessica Parker


We all considered Sarah Jessica Parker as one of the loveliest actresses in the movie world. It only figures that “Lovely” by Sarah Jessica parker would resemble the glamorous Carrie Bradshaw, the actress played so brilliantly. This fragrance created to indulge a fashionista, is distinctively floral with a touch of musk as a base for the mingle of orchid and lavender, and it sure is delightful to wear.

3. J.Lo – Jennifer Lopez


J.Lo  and the perfume with the same name are surely attracting fans. The first signature perfume of the Latino diva is both floral and fruity, smelling like orange flowers and grapefruit with a sweet hint of vanilla. Jennifer is no stranger to the perfume world or the cash coming from it so this one was only the first of many fragrances she contributed to.

4. Fancy – Jessica Simpson


Luscious, sensual and sophisticated “Fancy” fits its name perfectly. Red fruits, burnt sugar and floral accents make it sweet and sassy exactly like the hot diva that borrowed it her name.

5. Sensational – Celine Dion


Celine Dion is very prolific as a singer but also as a creator of signature perfumes. “Sensational” is a fragrance with a personality, blushing like the mimosa, shiny like the orris flower, remembering a blooming orchard and carrying the spectacular accents of jasmine and freesia.

6. Signature – Xtina Aguilera


Christina Aguilera is rather new to the world of signature perfumes. “Signature” is not only original and daring the buyer to wear nothing but it, but it is also somehow spectacular. Delicate and sweet bearing the note of peony and jasmine and the top note of mandarin and black currant, this fragrance is spectacular enough to be addictive. No wonder that is still a cash generating stream for the diva whose name it carries.


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