The Canadian actress and the actor from “Lord of the Rings” don’t seem to have very much in common. In fact, you can easily think that those two are surely making a very strange couple.

Despite they surely don’t look as the Hollywood couple we are used to admire, Evangeline Lilly and Dominic Monaghan couldn’t stay away from each other, even on the movie set of “Lost”.

evangeline lilly & dominic

Many say that what really made them closer is an accident. Lilly’s house in Hawaii was burned down, so the actress really needed someone to help her.

That someone happened to be Dominic, who went there to support Lilly. After the incident, they are said to be engaged.

There is an odd couple that surprised us, but we all knew it is not going to be forever, simply because we know George Clooney.

george clooney & lisa snowdon

George apparently has an attraction to less famous TV presenters, since his now girlfriend is also a TV presenter, but this taste was open by Lisa Snowdon.

She was a random model that turned to a TV presenter, while George was even then an international movie star. Despite their different statuses, the couple dated for years, but their real break-up was in 2005. Lisa was said to suffer a lot, while George just moved on with his life.

We know Brigitte Nielsen is an eccentric actress, but after all we didn’t expect she will choose Flavor Flav. This is surely the strangest couple ever, but who can blame the lovebirds?

At first look, the Public Enemy rapper and the taller actress don’t have anything to do with each other, but obviously love is unexplainable. They met on a reality show and she claimed it wasn’t love at first glance.

brigitte nielsen & flavor flav

During the show, the couple was fighting and their verbal contact often ended with huge scandals. We thought this will stop, after they admitted their feelings to each other, but we were wrong.

In real life they have continued to argue and this wasn’t an easy relationship. Soon after the show they broke-up.

Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel are a strange couple and let’s admit it-we have seen these two most often, when they exercise together. The strange thing is that they don’t like to demonstrate their love, while in Justin’s previous relations he didn’t hide his feelings.

justin timberlake and jessica biel

Jessica and Justin look more like friends and therefore, it isn’t strange that once he even called her “dude”. Ironically he likes muscular girls and perhaps that’s why he calls his girlfriend the way he would call his fellows.

Despite their odd relations, they are engaged and anyone expects that they will go for a wedding very soon.

When Courtney Cox got married to David Arquette, we couldn’t believe. Actually, some of us can’t believe it even now.

Courtney has met David after the legendary TV show “Friends” and she was literally at the verge of her career, while David wasn’t very popular.

courtney and david

They felt chemistry on the movie-set of “Scream”, where Courtney played an arrogant journalist that falls in love with David’s hero in the movie. Just like their heroes, Courtney and David felt in love and ever since, they are together.


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