1. Nicole Scherzinger – Always Beautiful

Nicole is above 30 and she is a real proof that women can be sexy no matter of their age. The singer has a super hot body and she isn’t afraid to demonstrate it.

nicole scherzinger

2. Jessica Alba – A Model Of Bikini Look

Jessica Alba is often labeled as a sex symbol and this isn’t a lie. She is perfectly shaped and she can easily be a model of the bikini look.

jessica alba

3. Jennifer Aniston – Showing Nothing But Perfection

Jennifer has always been very careful, when it comes to her body. The actress is following a strict diet regime, so the result is obvious – a perfect body.

jennifer aniston

4. Fergie – Fit And Sexy

Fergie has a sporty figure and she takes a good care of her body. Red is definitely her color, when it comes to swim suits.


5. Rihanna – Come Along “Boy-Boy” To The Jungle Cat

The singer always chooses to wear something surprising and her bikini isn’t an exception from this formula. Rihanna has a well shaped body and she demonstrates it through a sexy yellow bikini and hot accessories.


6. Adriana Lima – Sexifying The Swim Suit

Adriana Lima is a real compliment to any swim suit. The model that has one of the sexiest bodies on the planet gave birth, but she is still amazingly hot. Whatever she wears, it shows her perfect figure.

adriana lima

7. Sienna Miller – Casual Chic And Regular Pretty

Siena Miller has a style and we all know it. The actress doesn’t have a stunning body, but she is well-shaped and she chooses what to wear carefully, even on the beach.

sienna miller

8. Paris Hilton – Wanna Be, Wanna Stay Skinny Diva

Paris has never been modest and her scandalous behavior doesn’t leave much for the imagination. The heiress is often seen to party in bikini, but the view is worth it. Paris has skinny, but yet well fit body.

paris hilton

9. Kim Kardashian – The Curve Master

Kim is eminent for being curvy and she shows it anytime she can. Despite she is often called too curvy, she is nonstop on the cover of the magazines and she even posed nude, showing that curvy women are hot too.

kim kardashian

10. Katy Perry – Young And Not Stressed

The singer looks like a Hollywood star and she isn’t afraid to show an amazing figure. Katy is setting an example and obviously takes a good care of her stunning body.

katy perry

11. Kim Cattrall – 50 And Still Hot

This woman is a natural born seducer and she knows it. Kim Cattrall surely has what to show, despite her age. The actress that played the iconic Samantha Jones from Sex and The City has one of the hottest bikini bodies we have ever seen

kim cattrall


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