Two years ago she was heartbroken, but Shania Twain didn’t give up on love and moved on.

Her ex- husband cheated on her with her best friend and the singer simply went for divorce, hoping time will heal everything.

Her hopes have turned to reality and now Shania is one extremely happy woman. This week the singer will be officially divorced and single again, but as it seems this is not going to be for long time. Shania is said to be in relationship with Frédéric Thiébaud, ironically the other woman’s ex- husband.

The 44 year old singer and Frédéric are officially together and most of all – a close source to Shania said they are in love. Obviously this is so, since the couple was seen at the Swiss Red Cross ball, where they weren’t able to hide their feelings. Meanwhile, Shania is concentrating on her career as she prepares for her new duty – she will probably be the next mentor on American Idol.

The woman, who had sung “That don’t impress me much” is now raising her career to a new level. Being single perhaps is the best thing that happened to the singer in the last two years.


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