She is 37-years old, single and famous. Cameron Diaz has always been one of those women that set examples in the Hollywood industry. Her figure brought her millions of dollars, while her career never stops rising.

In her last interview Cameron said she keeps in shape with a special recipe. It seems the secret of the youth is one: lots of sex! The actresses admitted that the secret behind her perfect shape is a combination of different things. She said she keeps dieting, drink lots of water, laugh and mostly has lots of sex.

Cameron doesn’t feel ashamed to say that sex is healthy. Diaz spoke about the plastic surgeries as she mentioned that for now she is not going to face any surgery, but she said one day she might go for it if the need would ever present.

The actress seems to be satisfied with her tremendous look and she said she doesn’t want to look like when she was 25 years old.

Of course she didn’t reveal whether she has a new boyfriend or not, but obviously she has a reason for which to laugh saying she is in love with the life.

The actress has a new movie, in which she acts along with her ex boyfriend Justin Timberlake. Currently the star is said to be in a relationship with Alex Rodriguez, who is known as ex boyfriend of several stars, including Madonna.


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