In Hollywood, where breaking up is an every-day issue, there are couples, which are always in and out of love. They are all famous and their relationships have been often on the cover of the celebrity magazines.

One of these couples is Jennifer Aniston and John Mayer. They met in 2008, split up in August the same year and then- surprise! They are back as a couple for several months.

Lindsay Lohan and ex girlfriend Sam Ronson are also among these couples. Their relationship went from bad to worst just for one year.

Right now they are separated, but no one knows how long it will last, before they turn back.

Leonardo DiCaprio and his on-and-off girlfriend Bar Refaeli also have their dramatic love story. The actor and the model have met in 2005 at a party and since then they took several pause from one another. Since 2009 they are back together.

Pink and her husband Carey Hart also faced several break-ups, but the couple is back together, after an official split of nearly one year.

J. Lo and her husband were also among the couples with several long breaks, but they had success and got married and ever since they remained happily together. It seems time conquers everything but love, especially when it comes to real, long commitment one.


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