They finally did it after more than eight years together. It is official- Harrison Ford and Calista Flockhard are now married.

The couple that met in 2002 at the Golden Globe ceremony seemed that they are happy to be only dating, but recently they changed their mind.

The information says Harrison proposed to Calista on Valentines Day in 2009. Since that time they just didn’t seem to find the right timing to organize their wedding, but this Tuesday they got married in New Mexico. Ford is there, for he is making his new movie Cowboys and Aliens.

The wedding was held at the Governor’s Mansion in Santa Fe as it was performed by the Governor. The surprising news is that this ceremony was held in a really tight circle.

There were only few people on the wedding, including their son Liam. Harrison Ford, who had four children from his previous marriage, is now father of Liam, who was adopted by Calista an year before she has met Harrison.

At last, Calista that played the iconic heroine Ally Mcbeal is taking the name of Harrison Ford. She is now Mrs. Ford and it is official.

The couple are said to have their honeymoon in Santa Fe, near the set of Ford`s latest movie.


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