Lady Gaga has made a surprising revealing at the Larry King Live show. The spectacular singer was said to be suffering from lupus, but she revealed the truth about the never-ending rumors.

In an interview with Larry, Gaga said lupus is a genetic illness and she was tested and proved to be borderline positive for it. As for now, the singer doesn’t show any signs of lupus, but she admitted she needs to be careful, since it’s a family illness.

Another of Lady Gaga’s surprising news for the Larry King show was that she was called by Michael Jackson to open his “This is It” tour.

The scandalous singer was also compared to Madonna, as Gaga didn’t deny that is so, since both the singers are often more than extravagant.

Gaga was wearing a suit that imitated Larry King’s traditional wearing for the show. The interview went about the gay rights as Gaga is eminent for wanting more rights for the homosexual and bisexuals.

Of course her presence at the show wasn’t without her favorite paparazzi. She was seen to wear a Hermes Birkin bag and dark glasses. Her accessories turn to become a fashion tendency, like whatever the star chooses to wear.


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