jessica simpsonHer body is the most talked-about thing in her life. Jessica Simpson weight surely sells magazines and her shape bothers so many people.

Yet, the singer didn’t give up on trying improving her look. She had tried almost anything and we have seen her from super skinny to more than curvy.

The 29-year-old confessed she has been trying all kinds of new diet regimes in her show The Price of Beauty.

Her latest diet was obviously combined with meditation and according to her, it works. Despite the price of the diets, Jessica is obviously happy, she got results from her never ending dieting.

So let’s pretend that we care about her strife and explain how she did it: This time she had shocked her system with a certain Chinese tea. The Pu-erh tea is a weight-loss drink, but she combined it with the vegan diet, just to be sure it will finally reduce some weight.

Overall, the actress seemed to understand she has to accept her body and learn to love it. As for the public, her fans are already getting tired to follow her diets, weight-loss regimen and meaningless tries to get skinnier.

Obviously being a curvy star in Hollywood isn’t easy, but Jessica seems never to give up on it. She will surely have more success, if she simply stops focusing on this topic.


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