Jennifer Love Hewitt was never a super skinny girl, but recently she did work a lot to achieve this body look. Nowadays Jen is on the cover of the several magazines showing an amazing figure and convincing us it is actually easy.

Many claim it is easy, but only with Photoshop. Others say that she actually looks so in real, because she kept a strict diet and did lots of exercises in the gym.

So far, the critics against her are that her pictures with swimsuit on the cover of several magazines are faked and they are airbrushed with Photoshop. If that’s her secret of keeping the perfect figure, then surely Photoshop can work for all of us.

Despite the critics, if Jennifer wasn’t keeping her figure good, we doubt that she is going to be a cover girl. Therefore, her efforts to look better are something that we shall admire.

The actress lost the battle with her weight many times. Two years ago the actress was photographed by paparazzi in a swimsuit and she was so curvy that was really difficult to recognize her. Her picture from that time obviously made her ashamed, so she started to work out.

The result is stunning, no matter is it Photoshop or not. Jennifer Love Hewitt is in shape and this is a fact.


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