The singer of Black Eyed Peas is said to be close of quitting the band. The information about Fergie came after several sources revealed the singer is having an issue with her band mate Will.I.Am.

This is just a rumor for now and there is no official information about it, but surprisingly no one did expect there is some kind of drama in the cradle of Black Eyed Peas.

black eyed peas

The band was singing at the World Cup official ceremony, which is a sign they are among the best singers in the world. Alas, according to the rumors, Fergie just can’t stand Will, because he is said to be out of control about his ego.

Meanwhile, Fergie, who was always more famous than Will doesn’t want to stand the rapper’s drama and soon we might see her out of the band. Yet, these are just rumors, but if she quit the band, she has all the chances for solo career, while the future for the others in the band doesn’t look so bright.

For the sake of the fans, it is good they stay together. At the moment Fergie is silent, while Will.I.Am never commented any information about it. Black Eyed Peas is planning a tour in the end of 2010.


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