Halle Berry has always been an actress that supported different causes and was respected for her efforts, whatever she did.

The Oscar winner is now involved in new support action. This time Halle will try to prevent domestic violence and help the victims of such violence. She is said to be assistant in a special center that prevents the violence and she is even included in the website of the organization.

Halle is doing this for years, even when she wasn’t that famous, but the truth is she helped the Jenesse Center in Inglewood to find finances for their programs.

Halle is helping the center for a long time, therefore their programs really works. As for the actress, she is said to have personal experience with such violence and her experience has taught her to move on and to teach others how to deal with it.

Therefore, she is for sure one of the few stars in Hollywood that are setting an excellent example for her fans.


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