In the hit TV show Gossip Girl Chace Crawford surely doesn’t do drugs, but in real life things turn to be little different. The hottest actor from the show was arrested a few days ago for smoking joint in a public place.

Chace was in the car with a friend, when he got busted. The trouble is that the actor was possessing marijuana under 2 ounces, which immediately sent him under arrest.

There is no official information about the arrest, but the comments about his arrest are different. Most of the people are taking Chace`s side as they said smoking joint isn’t such a crime, compared to Lindsay Lohan`s behavior.

Others don’t support the idea and point out the actor should give an example to the viewers of Gossip Girl. Chace was spending the night in Ringo`s Pub, before he was arrested.

It is not clear what happened to Chase after the arrest, but the unofficial information says he is out of the jail. Probably soon there will be information about his official sentence after the court audience.


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