When it comes to Twilight saga, there are many questions, but one of them is obviously the question that bothers everyone- who is the hottest hero of these movies?

Obviously that bothers even Robert Pattinson, who said he is competitive with Taylor Lautner, who plays Jacob.

They are so different to be compared, but still they are in competition for Bella in real life too. According to Robert, he would like to have better hair than Taylor and better six- packs.

Despite, this was said as a joke; Taylor is gaining more fame in the latest movie. He is bespoke favorite of the public, but Robert said they are both really close friends and no matter hoe hard they compete in the movie, in real life Taylor has been a great friend.

As for Robert, he complained he isn’t able to go on dates anymore. The actor, who is in a relationship with Kristen Stewart said they are non-stop chased by paparazzi and they just can’t go out as a normal couple.

The sexiest vampire in the movies, as he was called is not rushing to get married.


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