Robert Pattinson and Dracula can be related and this is the latest news, revealed by a special site that is researching his family tree.

According to the source, the actor from Twilight Saga is also related to the Princes Harry and William, to be correct, Rob is their distant cousin.

The surprising news came after difficult researches that went centuries back to discover that Rob has some royal blood in his veins.

The genealogists are claiming that it isn’t just a media trick, simply because the history shows that Vlad the Impaler and the British princes are cousins. The link with Pattinson comes because he is linked to the royal family.

The gathered pieces of Rob’s family history lead millions of fans to the thought that he is the right actor to play a vampire.

Despite the rumors this is just a PR trick for the actor, the researchers said this is an absolute fact and there are myths or lies about it. Overall, he might not be connected to Dracula, but Rob’s acting has made him a legend already.

The new movie from the Twilight Saga will be released in June 30 and although, many say it will not be as good as the previous movies, the Eclipse is one of the most expected films of this summer.


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