star glamourOne of the most expected movies of the year was finally released. The Twilight Saga continues with its latest movie Eclipse.

The movie is the third film of the saga and it is expected by millions of people. The L.A. premiere of Eclipse was the official premiere for U.S. and finally we can watch the movie.

The big premiere took place in an extremely lavish presence. The whole team of Twilight came to promote their movie and all of them were glamorous and truly looking like Hollywood stars.

The interesting facts about the big event are many, but what is worth mentioning is that Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart and Taylor Lautner were hosts of the after-party in LA.

The party was said to be held in super luxury style. Kristen, who plays Bella in the movie, came up in amazing dress, while Robert and Taylor have chosen glamorous suits.

Dakota Fanning and Niki Reed also grabbed the attention with sparkling outfits.


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