Dakota Fanning is no longer the little girl of Hollywood. The actress that grew in the Hollywood atmosphere and has made a lot of movies, when she was just a child, is now 16.

Her career is still going strong as the last time we saw her, she surprised us as she played the dangerous Volturi Jane in the Twilight Saga. Meanwhile, in the real life Dakota is facing the typical issues for her ages – attending the prom, the school lessons and balancing her duties with her career.

Dakota is varsity’s cheerleader in L.A. high school and surprisingly she is attending a public school. The actress herself claims to be very lucky being able to have fame at the age of 16 and to be a normal teen.

Despite of her star status, Dakota said she is treated like a normal girl and obviously she enjoys it.

As for the Twilight saga, Fanning says she doesn’t have a favorite and she wouldn’t choose between Edward and Jacob.

Fanning and Kristen Stewart that plays Bella in the movie are close friends, since they did several movies together. Dakota said her act in Twilight was fun and the bond between she and Kristen is now stronger than ever.


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