Comics movies have always been the favorites to millions of viewers, but this time the Jonah Hex movie is not going to follow the tradition in Hollywood. The movie was released with lots of expectations, but so far it turns to be a failure.

Despite the presence of Megan Fox, the critics were clear that the movie isn’t going to offer us what we expected.

Jonah Hex is labeled as the worst movie this summer and it is called boring and a complete waste of time. The reviews are so bad, that there are some cinemas, which are not going to include it in their programs.

The comics adaptation isn’t the role we were hoping to see Megan Fox in. She left the Transformers saga, just because she didn’t want to be sexy body because she was aiming for a bigger role, but obviously this time she couldn’t make it again. So far, her presence is attractive to many viewers, despite the movie is called awful.

Alas, the public was expecting something better from Megan Fox.


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