Everybody sees Celine Dion as one of the most amazing voices that ever enchanted the ears and hearts of any music lover.

The star is one of the rarest celebrities that are choosing to stand by a long commitment marriage and her one and only love, René Angelil seems to be the best thing that a woman like her would want in her life.

Their love story seems to last and go strong especially because the beautiful singer has declared herself to be on the top of the world with joy being pregnant with twins.

This second pregnancy is the result of a long time strife Celine went through from the moment she wished to bring into the world a brother or a sister for her eldest son Rene-Charles.

The couple who is famous for their discretion took the courage and talked to “People Magazine” about the unfortunate trials and failed in vitro fertilizations.

The acupuncture treatment gave the singer the courage to try the sixth procedure which seems to have been successful and the happy couple declared that Celine’s pregnancy will bring into the world not one but two brothers or sisters for their son.


  1. Congratulations to Celine and her family.I’m very happy for her.She is a great singer and a beautiful mum.I wish her a healthy pregnancy.


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