Britney was never an example for what should good girls do.

Her life in the last few years was nonstop in the highlights as she did lots of things, which a star never should have done. The good news is that Britney is changing and this hopefully is not just a PR to get back the respect she lost.

One can say anyone makes mistakes, so Britney is not an exception.18 months ago Britney’s father and her lawyer took the legal rights to manage her estate, for she wasn’t able to deal with the pressure and her depressions.

All her financial issues, as well as legal affairs are still controlled by her father. This will remain the same in the next 3 months.

The situation will end by the beginning of the autumn, when Britney will have to control everything by herself.

The facts about the star are pleasing so far. She did a world tour, she promoted a new album and her latest songs made it to the top of the hit lists. There are no longer breaking and shocking news about her and most important- there is no more bad behavior.

Britney seems to manage all her depressions and find the balance in her life. Now she is preparing a new album and meanwhile the star looks devoted to her children and family. Evolution or not, Britney finally found the right way to go.


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