They are young, beautiful and successful stars from the new Hollywood generation, but they never seem to make it work for each other. It’s been three years since Amanda Seyfried is dating Dominic Cooper.

They both met at the movie set of “Mama Mia” and since then their love is an off and on affair. Just several months ago the couple decided to take a break, but nowadays they seem to be back to each other.

In her previous interviews Amanda claimed she wishes to marry him in the future, but she doesn’t know what will happen in the next years.

The actress, which career rose in the recent years is now back to Dominic, despite the rumors he isn’t actually faithful. It seems they both don’t pay attention to the press and keep their on-off relationship.

As for Amanda, she said that too much planning often leads to heartbreak and obviously doesn’t make any plans about her relationship.


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