She has always been the woman that can melt anyone’s heart with her love songs. The beauty is now 29-year old and her career is going up with each single she releases.

Whatever Alicia Keys does, she does it with an amazing success. When it comes to her personal life, one can think this girl has seen almost all, especially if you think she experienced anything she has sang.

Yet, the woman who keeps on falling just as in her most popular song “Falling” is engaged to her producer Swizz Beatz. The producer is 31- year old and obviously he is the one, since Alicia surprised us with news – she is expecting her first baby.

The star is pregnant and the news was revealed at the Latin Grammy ceremony. Her fiancé has two sons from his last relationship, but for Alicia this will be the first child.

Still, the singer has managed to get engaged before giving birth. Meanwhile, Alicia will not stop with her performances. She is invited to sing at the opening of the Fifa World Cup in South Africa. Her Freedom Tour was also a major success for the star as her last album hits the lists with the best selling albums of the year.


  1. Congratulations to her.It’s always welcomed news..I love her and her music.i think she will be a beautiful mum.May GOD bless her with a beautiful, healthy child.

  2. Alicia Keys is my hero and i am her biggest fan ever…..she has shown all women around the world how to become an independent woman and she has been successful in all that she has done


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