Lately , Chris Brown is trying his best to convince the media and the general public that he is back to being a cute, good guy with a voice of gold that we all loved so much.

Well…using Twitter, preaching you are only human and creating your rehabilitation campaign on “To err is human to forgive is divine” may apply to all of us so he is not wrong to give it a try.

Still the star’s behavior includes certain glitches one can not neglect when considering whether he is becoming or not a better person.

The fact he promoted a violent sport after beating up Rihanna and serving community service time can be overlooked but his attitude towards the matter is somehow…not exactly what we would expect of a young gentleman.

Perhaps the only reason he stays in the business is that he cares for his fans and his music but he for sure should think about the next steps he will take in his life and career.

It is true sometime we expect too much from the celebrities and look at them for example but the disappointment cannot be measured by the consequences of their action.

We just hope to see them more than they really are. No wonder we are disappointed.


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