The addictive TV show Lost has almost come to an end. The producers of the cult series have made the impossible to keep wired millions of viewers that were expecting breathless the last episode of the “Lost”.

The producers kept the script in a complete secret and even members from the crew of the TV show didn’t know what exactly will happen at the end.

In case you still didn’t watch the final episode, you need to know the island is not going to be taken by aliens, nor something dreadful will happen to the beloved characters, but the adrenalin rush is for sure guaranteed.

The good news is that Lost is actually having a future. The creators of the cult TV show, which broke all the records in the television, will go for the movie version of “Lost” exactly like “Sex and the City” did its best to become a cinema hit.

After the final episode, the viewers will most likely start to love the show even more and miss it’s amazing adventures.


  1. Ohhh,this is soo sad!!!!I’m a huge fan of the lost show.It’s a great show.I love the show and miss it’s amazing adventures.I’m excited to know what exactly will happen at the end.


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