The Circle of Lindsay Lohan’s enemies are growing. According to the sources, now the pop-singer Avril Lavigne and Lindsay are in huge fight.

The incident occurred in one of the most popular clubs in Los Angeles Chateau Marmont. Avril visited the club for a drink at the bar with her boyfriend General Brody. Lindsay Lohan noticed the company decided to compliment her, but when she came to the table, Avril started screaming.


According to the staff in the club, Avril said to Lohan she is a fake and a loser and urged Lindsay to stay away from her company.

There is no info what exactly did Lindsay say back, but what is known is that Lohan was looking disturbed. She went to the guards in the club and asked them to expel Avril out of the club.

The pop-star refused to leave the place and the funny part is that the security actually expelled Lindsay. It is not known whether the both stars were drunk, but this is another proof that Lindsay’s career is going down.

The star is said to be in trouble with her health and the rumors go even further as they inform Lindsay is drug addict in spite of the fact that for now, there is no official information about it.


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