There is nothing sexier than a catfight between two of the hottest actresses in the world. Nowadays the rumors about this catfight didn’t stop. They involved Scarlett Johansson and Gwyneth Paltrow that are said to be in a dispute.

Of course the official information is completely opposite on the matter, but still the rumors didn’t stop. The leading actresses from the Iron Man 2 are said to be in a fight over a topic, which is surely eternal – who is more beautiful.

According to certain sources Scarlett said to Gwyneth she is hotter and she is younger, while Paltrow was angry because the poster of the movie they star together presented just Scarlett.

Meanwhile on the premiere of the movie both actresses were chosen to wear white color. Scarlett was wearing a white gown in lavish style, while Gwyneth preferred business style- a long jacket and shorts.

Despite the information, the actresses gave an interview and claimed they loved each other and making the movie together was real fun. Even so, at the premier of the movie there was still something that made many fans wondering about it- the both actresses never came close to each other.

The only time they were shot together was when they were posing with their fans.


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