Perhaps you already have seen the very popular video of Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes dancing together. The video made a real wave as it displayed Tom and Katie as the new Fred and Ginger.

The video with the dancing celebrities was made for a charity cause, but it was so cute, that even Oprah invited the couple in her show. Tom appeared on the show and spoke about his wife’s dancing skills.

According to the rumors, Tom is too excited about Katie’s dance fever. The actress is attending dance classes and all-day trainings, while Tom is said to be pushing her for achieving perfection, just as the Ginger Rogers and Fred Astaire did long time ago.

Obviously Tom thinks that his wife can do better than the legendary dancing star and pushes her, despite she is actually good for an amateur. In the video, Katie sings and dances, but even this is not enough for Tom’s goal – reaching the perfection on the dance floor.


  1. I have seen the video of Tom and Katie dancing together.It’s truly amazing!!They both compliment each other very well!love their pair!


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